In the summer of 2022, the Not Our Farm project (in collaboration with FairShare CSA) hosted a series of focus groups. We talked with nearly 40 workers to find out what they need to continue farming for others as a career, and also what they want consumers, vendors, and local food advocates to know about their experiences on farms.

The pamphlet below is part of what came out of these discussions, specifically questions farm workers would like you to ask the farms that you are buying from to ensure you are supporting truly worker-centered farms.

We encourage you to read through this pamphlet, and after considering the questions, actually ask them!

We can shift the culture to be more worker-centered one conversation at a time. If you can ask how the chickens are living/being treated, you can ask if the workers have access to a bathroom!




written by / / escrito por Zel Taylor, Rue Policastro, Trey Cochran, Ash Abeyta & Anita Adalja

designed by / / diseñado por Alicia Robinson-Welsh & Anita Adalja

translated by / / traducido por Nico Estrada & Ernesto Botello

Special thanks to the Northeast Farmers of Color Landtrust (NEFOC) for their generous support of the translation of this resource.

Un agradecimiento especial a Northeast Farmers of Color Landtrust (NEFOC) por su generoso apoyo en la traducción de este recurso.

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